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Fear the Walking Dead
End of the Line
Season 5  |  Episode 16

Genre: Drama / Horror
Released: 2015
Air date: 2019-09-29
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Storyline: Morgan is accompanied by the group when he embarks on a mission as he faces an unknown future; Al connects the pieces; June makes a promise with John.
Starring: Mercedes MasonNoah BeggsScott LawrenceMaestro HarrellSandrine HoltPatricia Reyes SpíndolaToni FrenchColman DomingoLorenzo James HenrieElizabeth RodriguezAlycia Debnam CareyFrank DillaneCliff CurtisKim DickensRubén Blades
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User Reviews (3)

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top expert
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What an underwhelming season finale. A sh*t show!

The characters Dwight and Daniel are so watered down. There were some lines that they would say, that made no sense and didn't align with their character. For instance [SPOILER] This show is such a waste of time. It was so hard getting through it because of how horrible and illogical certain characters are. Still, I feel like AMC will milk TWD universe until it's dried up milk!


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Well theres a cliffhanger for ya. Thank you everyone that kept this updated.


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