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Uncle Matt's Cookery Lessons (2). (75 views, 7 replies)

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Cont from. www.two-movies.org/forum/thread/...

How to make Aioli, a classic garlic mayonnaise from Catalonia.


Garlic 3 cloves

Egg yolk 2

Dijon mustard 1 tbsp

Olive oil 300ml. 10 fl oz

Saffron strands (opt) a pinch with a tsp of hot water

Lemon juice quarter of a lemon


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How to cook Hake with a Spanish style chorizo and bean stew.

Spanish style Hake with a chorizo and haricot bean stew

Hake 2 portions

Chorizo 100g - 3.5 oz

Red onion 2

Garlic 4 cloves

Celery 1 stick

Carrots 1

Chopped parsley 2 tbsp

Tinned - canned quality tomatoes 1 x 400g

White beans 1 x 400g - 14oz cans approx

White wine 1 large glass

Fish stock 200ml


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How to make Spiced nuts, a nice way to use up egg white if your fed up with meringue.

Spiced nuts

Assorted nuts 300g - 10.5 oz

Egg white 1

Selection of your favourite spices 4 or 5 tsp

Salt 1 tsp

Sugar 1 tsp


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Reverse seared tomahawk ribeye steak and red wine pan sauce.

1 x Tomahawk ribeye steak 1.4k - 3 lb -1 rib
Sliced onion for trivet 1 or 2
Red wine 2 large glasses
Chicken or beef stock. 100ml - 3.5fl oz
High smoke point oil
Butter for basting and glossing pan sauce 100g - 3.5oz
Garlic rosemary and thyme
Garnish vine cherry tomatoes, chips and watercress

Internal steak temperature guide

Required doneness Pan temp rested temp

Rare 36-40c - 98-103f 48-52c - 120-125f

Med rare 44-46c - 112-117f 56-60c - 130-135f

Medium 50-54c - 122-127f 60-65c - 140-145f

Medium well 56-60c - 132-137f 65-70c - 150-155f

Well done 65c - 150f & above 75c - 165f & above


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How to make semi dried tomatoes, or tomato confit.

Confit or semi dried tomato

Cherry tomatoes 1 punnets

Chopped garlic 1 cloves

Picked thyme a few sprigs

Xtra virgin olive oil 2 x tbsp

Sea salt and black pepper


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How to make Salt Beef AKA Corned beef, also bagel with gherkin and corned beef hash.

Salt beef

Beef brisket 750g - 1.65 Lb

The brine

Water 3 L - 5.2 pints

Sea salt, or kosher or pink salt 300g - 10oz

Salt Peter 60g

Brown sugar 200g - 0.44 Lb

Brine flavourings

A selection of spices and herbs such as….. You decide??

Juniper berries - Cloves - All spice - Star anise - Pepper corns - mustard seeds - coriander seeds - bay leaf - thyme - rosemary

Bring brine ingredients to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes, allow to cool completely before submerging the brisket in. Leave for 7 days turning each day.

Rinse well and sit brined brisket in a pan covered with water, add mire pix and simmer for 2 to 3 hours or until just tender,

Corned beef hash

Equal amounts of cold corned or salt beef, onion and cooked potato. 2 tbsp butter or lard, salt and pepper


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How to make Scones, the classic British tea cake. Perfect for afternoon tea.


Self raising flour 300g - 10.5 oz

Baking powder 1 tsp

Unsalted butter 75g - 2.6 oz

Sugar 50g - 1.75oz

Egg 1

Milk 120ml - 4 fl oz

Salt a pinch


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How to make Croissants and pan au chocolate, amazing flaky pasties from Paris.


Makes 16-18

Strong flour 500g - 1.1lb

Dried yeast 10g - 0.35oz - 2.5 tsp

Sugar 40g - 1.4oz

Salt 10g - 0.35oz - 2tsp

Water 200g - 7oz

Milk 110g - 3.9oz

Unsalted butter 300g - 10.5oz

Egg for glaze 1

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