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Hauntingly Beautiful Abandoned Planet.........◆ Photographer Cinematographer Andre Govia
◆ Andre Govia describes himself as addicted to decay. The U.K.based..Worldwide urban explorer Govia brings you the definitive document of cinematic abandoned photography. Andre takes us on a journey behind the facade of abandoned buildings to discover the hauntingly beautiful discoveries within.................*Welcome to Never Never Land.

◆ Abandoned buildings have been always forbidden places for us, full of mystery and intrigue. Govia, takes us to the magical world of the abandoned hospitals, asylums, schools, houses, hotels and about anything else you can imagine that might be abandoned across Europe, with the astonishing collection of photos he is taking about 17 years. He visited over 22 countries, explored more than 800 locations and published a breathtaking collection of his photos, called Abandoned Planet. Andre Govia is not only a passionate adventurous photographer but also a successful cinematographer. He is known for his work on............... Who Needs Enemies (2013), The Search for Simon (2013) and Essex Vendetta (2016).
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