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The Orville The Road Not Taken
(Season 2, Episode 14)

Genre: Adventure / Comedy / Drama
Released: 2017
Air date: 2019-04-25
Starring: Seth MacFarlaneLarry Joe CampbellChad ColemanMark JacksonJ. LeeHalston SagePeter MaconScott GrimesPenny Johnson JeraldAdrianne Palicki
Storyline: The crew must contend with the disastrous fallout from Kelly's decision.
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User Reviews (5)

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top expert
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I like this show, I find it unique in many ways, but the music is sometimes just too much, an overkill... I just paused the episode where after meeting the alternate Kelly, they are landing on a planet. What is this music now really? It's like one of the climactic moments of a Star Wars movie, all the brass section and all, a maestoso crescendo of sorts, increasing and increasing as if a galactic war is about to begin... What's happening, what's all the fuss? Why? They are just landing on the planet, LOL! Easy! smiley


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Now I see. [SPOILER]


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@raven13 Yes!


top expert
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Alternate universe timeline. Eh, 3/5 for me.



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