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Wu Assassins Drunken Watermelon
(Season 1, Episode 1)

Genre: Action / Crime
Released: 2019
Air date: 2019-08-08
Starring: Iko UwaisMark DacascosJulian PaulRaresh DiMofteTommy FlanaganCelia AuLewis TanJuJu ChanLawrence KaoLi Jun LiByron MannKatheryn WinnickCranston Johnson
Storyline: A botched restaurant order makes Kai a target of Triad members, who are unaware of his family connections -- and his new status as the Wu Assassin.
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User Reviews (3)

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woww that was amazing i,m so glad i found this show only one ep in and i,m sold already this can only get better and this first ep was great to start with,i cant wait to see more i have a whole season to watch,lol am i glad i go see some more fast i cant help myself.


senior guru
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Been waiting for this for a while, and it did not disappoint. Will definitely smoke and binge this tonight :)
Actually the magic part of this reminds me of "Avatar: The Last Airbender".. You know this guy having 1000 monks living within him, and all the elements you can kind of manipulate..

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@WingTsun yeah its a great show after one ep i know that already my friend.have a great weekend buddy.



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