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Aka: Amélie
Genre: Comedy / Fantasy / Romance
Released: 2001
Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Starring: Audrey TautouDominique PinonIsabelle NantyClaire MaurierClotilde MolletJamel DebbouzeSerge MerlinLorella CravottaRufusMathieu Kassovitz
Run time: 122 min.
Views: 79,453
R (?)
France; Germany;
Storyline: Amelie Poulain (Audrey Tautou) is a young woman who glides through the streets of Paris as quietly as a mouse. With wide eyes and a tiny grin, she sees the world in a magical light, discovering minor miracles every day. A shy and reserved person whose favorite moments are spent alone skimming stones into the water, Amelie was raised by a pair of eccentrics who falsely diagnosed her with a heart problem at the age of six and so limited her exposure to the outside world. Now a free and independent woman, Amelie wears a bob that curls in every direction and dresses in red. With a job in a cafe and an aptitude for spying on her neighbors, Amelie entertains herself by enacting a series of homemade, kindhearted practical jokes. She returns a long-forgotten box of childhood knickknacks to its proper owner, she sends her father's garden troll on a trip around the world, and she creates a love connection at the cafe between the hypochondriac druggist and a beer-drinking grouch. But when the day is done, Amelie finds one stone unturned, and decides to work her magic on the quirky object of her affections, Nino Quincampoix (Matthieu Kassovitz), whom she has never met.
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User Reviews (6)

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Audrey Tatou is so charming and clever and so lovely it hurts. She then has decribed herself as something of a nerd which only makes her even more perfect.

You will seldom find a genuinely amusing film that is worth seeing. Most are fluff or mean spirited or making biting commentary or even mocking the very viewers of the film.

That is not Amelie. She mocks her self. Melts when she swoons. Is a coward practicing strategems. And she is quite alone.

Her parents were certainly quirky and her father so seldom showed affection, that the old doctor thinks she has a heart condition as his rare attention makes her heart beat double time.

This is an awesome film, wonderfully innocent, unabashed romantic, gentle with the dim witted, etc.

Amelie reminds me of countless lovely intelligent ladies who were absolutely unaware of the extent of their beauty and that lack of airs made them irresistable.

You have to be a supremely patient romantic to wait for the payoff. But when it finally happens, it is MAGICAL. We live in a world that is full of magical surprises but we get so jaded that we forget they exist.
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Why can't Americans make great movies like this? Everything they do is assembled from the same recipe, handed down from generation to generation.
This movie was refreshing from start to finish, great actors playing great characters, beautiful cinematography, and even the editing was excellent.
Hollywood, you've been schooled.


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The most wonderful movie ever made! A magic world seen through the eyes of a quirky and very peculiar young woman whose life story we get served in the first few minutes of the film, complete with wind velocities...
Adorable Audrey Tautou and director Jean-Pierre Jeunet take us on a journey through a magical, enchanted Paris where everything seems possible where lamps and paintings might talk, garden gnomes might travel around the world and true love might be just a string of impossible coincidences away.
This is what cinema is all about. Or should be about. Wide-eyed sense of wonder, bafflement, pure joy and heartbreaking beauty. This is what cinematic perfection looks like, ya hear me, Hollywood?! A film to make your heart grow at least three sizes.


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Best movie ever


top expert
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this is a really fabulous movie - the story, the cinematography and the music all take you on a wonderful journey into the heart of an exceptional young french person.

definitely worth a watch - 5/5


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