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Here and Now (2018) user reviews

Here and Now movie

User Reviews (2)

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wanted to like this movie but just couldn't get into it. btw what is it with Hollywood and Common? I wish he went back to doing music like his album "Like Water for Chocolate" and songs like "Come close" but hey! seems Hollywood and whoever vouches for him there is keeping him in good demand. but yeah I felt this film could've been better if more meat was added to the bone because the premise was good but execution for some reason fell flat to me.


I'm not a big fan of dramas, but this one was alright. The acting was pretty good though and I love Common. The always fabulous Sarah Jessica Parker played in his as well. Her eyes are mesmerizing and oh so beautiful. They almost put me in a trance. Anyway, I highly doubt that I would have watched this movie had Common and Sarah Jessica Parker not been in it. If you like chic flicks, romance stories or just an easy flick to watch then this might be for you.



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