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The Report (2019) user reviews

The Report movie

User Reviews (3)

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Interesting movie indeed. It's more told from a liberal perspective than made to be skewed left. I expected more toward the latter. It extols a few who deserve it, ignores others that don't. I think a fine mechanism for the left to distance themselves from blame and [SPOILER].. It's all probably more true than not, but to what degree we may never know.


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A well-made re-enactment movie based on the US senate report into CIA torture of prisoners at black sites, it is not a casual watch and quite disturbing in parts.
The plot highlights the politics after 911 and how the people who should be upholding the rule of law started committing inhuman acts on people from other cultures, and justified it to themselves while covering it up in public.
The film will focus US and world attention on the report itself; terrible abuse was done to innocent people and no-one was held accountable. In fact most are still there and some were promoted.


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A Wonderful film that is going to be overshadowed because of the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. This sort of movie makes democracy what is good. Sure evil-doings, in all good intentions, will continue as long as humans are humans, but being able to choose for yourself whether you want to side with evil, good or neither is your choice, and movies like this give you that informed opportunity. Now that is the beauty in freedom.



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