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The Sense of an Ending (2017) user reviews

The Sense of an Ending movie

User Reviews (2)

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Good movie, but it should have an R40 restriction. Anyone younger cannot understand it !
And sorry, boomers, there are no car chases, shooting or CGI'd stunts.
Excellent acting by all the actors, who achieve good continuity of the story set partly in their teens and partly in their 60s.
The story is about several retired people who meet again after a death, and re-examine the relationships they had in their youth.
In the first half of the movie I was waiting for something to happen, but it all makes sense later and I appreciated the stage-setting in the lead-up.
The characters of the participants are developed carefully and scenes which might have seemed slow all have a point to make.
The plot twist towards the end is quite unexpected and clears the loose ends from the first half. But it is necessary to give it full attention, not the sort of movie you can skip bits.
We enjoyed it. 8/10.


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Tbh, I watched the revenge movie for the first time in 2017.

I just sawed the fight scene, and suddenly they got died for the violent screaming part, and I think it was Tony Webster. So the intro part is a little bit of suspense of the movie, but I think the murdering part got very worse to watch, and I think it was okay to watch at school.

Here are my favorite parts of the movie:
Sarah is wearing the sunglasses and her white short dress as she is laying down in the swimming pool chair reading her book in spring or the summer
The young Veronica and Tony scene
The final revenge scene



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